September 13, 2021

It's been a long time since I've updated this diary, hasn't it?
Well.. I have so many news. My life did, indeed, take a toll.
In the summer, I've worked with my cousins at a restaurant. It was my first time working ever, and while it is the shittiest job I've ever had, I'm very proud that I've pushed myself to the limits.
Now.. I'm 3 days away from school starting again, and I (sorta, it's not confirmed) have a job. I have to manage an ecommerce of a motocycle shop. Approx 3 hours a day. It's so weird - and oddly fascinating - how, as a 16 year old, seeing my life changing CONSTANTLY, and seeing those 2 years worth of my thoughts in this blog really cringes me sometimes, but it's like seeing an old version of yourself - something obsolete that you won't be able to relive again. This is why I like writing my thoughts. I like having written memories.
Oh - also - I switched to IQOS! No more smoking cigarettes. It's healthier at least. My family situation is still shitty, but I'm pushing through.
And I MEAN IT. I'm really pushing myself and fighting everyday. There's nothing that can hold me back that much. As to why this is going to be (probably) the last time that I will update this blog, there's a (dumb) reason.
I tend to forget about things. I sometimes come by here just for nostalgia and seeing how my life has progressed as I was then 14 when I started this blog and now I'm 16.
If my future self will ever come by - just know that I know you're really fighting.