October 22, 2019

Where to start? Hmm.

I guess today was okay. I went to school, and let me tell you, my school has a snackbar where you can buy food, drinks n cool shit. So I went there and here they are: the bullies of my class. I always try to be friendly with them and I thought I was ok for them (?) and anyway, one of the bullies wanted to high five with me and as soon as I was going to he put his hand in his hair as a joke. They started calling me names n shit, and I just kept going on. Got my food and went to my class. Physics. Meh. School finished and I head to home. I had a lot of homework. I had to copy (handwritten ofc) 7 full-ass pages of Laws. It was sooo fucking stressing. My aunt rang to my doorbell, just like it wasn't enough, and started talking about how she's depressed n shit, like seriously? I ain't have time nor energy for your sad ass venting. Now, I'm really tired. I just want a cigarette and I want everything to be quiet, but I can't. Parents are home. My sister is out with her secret boyfriend, she doesn't answer her phone and I'm starting to panic. That's all, folks.