LAST PAGE OF THE YEAR: December 22, 2020 - Merry christmas and happy new year! <3

HOOOLY SHET. I've been having this online diary for a year, damn.
Anyway, I know, I haven't wrote anything since October, sorry!. Well, here goes a long ass life update:
In June 2020, I had school break. This year I had to change my schoolmates, which I was scared about: my old school mates were assholes, but I was scared the new ones were going to be worse.
Fast forward to September/October: Went to school for not even a week, and it was closed due to corona. Back to online school.
Fast forward to now: WELL, MY CLASSMATES ARE AMAZING!! They're all nice, and we're all planning to go out when everything will be back to normal! I think I'm doing pretty fine. It's 3 days to christmas, I'm happy and content with things as they are. My dad is still shitty, the cats and my dog are doing fine. So what's coming up next?
I don't know, but I'm excited. I'm excited that I finally won't have to be going to school (well, as soon as we can return) with shitty classmates but nice ones and.. I don't know. Everything's been well. I'm excited for a new chapter. 2020 has been shitty to everyone, I hope that 2021 will bring joy in our lives.
I really really care to all of you (if someone's still reading this.. *sigh*) please, please take care. Merry christmas and happy new year! <3