Merry Christmas - Final month of the year and decade

This year is ending. With this year going way, a decade also fades on.

I have nothing to say. It's sad seeing this decade go. It was my childhood, my happy years. Now it's going to be 2020. I've been alone these 2 years but now I will start the decade completely off myself, probably. No real friends. My best friends (if I still can call them that) dumped me. I don't know. Now that I also fully accepted/realized I'm depressed it's weird. Sometimes I go onto periods without depression whatsoever but then it returns. It squares right into my soul.

Probably this new year/decade is going to be amazing. Probably getting back friends or idk. I just know that whatever happens... happens. That's it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year/Decade. Love y'all <3