November 1, 2019: The day after

This morning I felt like somebody in an hungover state even tho I didn't drink anything. I feel in a cozy mood; stayed in bed late and now enjoying the night as it settles down. No money again, tho. And I need to pay my phone bill. Sooooo.. I'm working again. My work consists of an illegal practice, but nothing too risky. Oh, I'm quite strangely calm. I have the cat sitting on me, and it's so cute. He always prefers my sister so I'm happy that this time he came to me. I ate a looooot today. Messican style beans, a tooooon of candy, a matcha latte and chips. I'm honestly surprised because I'm skinny.

Wanna hear how it went yesterday? Ok, alright.

So - first off - we all met outside of the bar we were going to. A lot of people came, even old friends and people I saw sometimes that I thought they were not so cool, but I was hella wrong. We had drinks, pizza, and we randomly started clapping and so the whole bar did. It was hilarious. In the middle of the hangout we went for a quick coffee run to our usual coffee place. It was the first time I went to it after 3-4 months (?) and I was very disappointed. They usually made our coffee cream with nuts as decoration, nutella, honey etc and now it was just this tiny bit of coffee cream. Sooo, I guess they changed the barista (?) Anyway, we returned to the bar, took some dumb pictures and we went on with the night. It was a great, great night.